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masterFixed bug in index counter.Jaron Kent-Dobias6 months
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2023-04-05Fixed bug in index counter.HEADmasterJaron Kent-Dobias
2023-04-04Collect only data on stationary points with adjacent indices.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2023-04-04Standarized include.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2023-04-04Added utilities for the study of real Morse lines.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2023-04-04Changed constructor specialization to use concepts.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2022-01-04Added option for spiking the interaction tensor to study minima below the thr...Jaron Kent-Dobias
2021-12-09Need to normalize estimate of length.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2021-12-09Record numerically integrated length of the line.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2021-12-09Fixed a stupid bug.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2021-12-09Now looks for Stokes lines at an increasing radius from a small initial radiu...Jaron Kent-Dobias