coulomb_montecarloSimulate a neutral coulomb gas using metropolis.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 months
dipoleTools for calculating the energy and simulating dipole mediated domains.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 months
fractureTools to simulate the breaking of random fuse networks.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 months
gradwages.orgWebsite promoting wage transparency among graduate students at Cornell.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 months
jarons_sim_toolsLibraries to assist with RNG configuration and lattice construction.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 months
pub_wolff-fieldA publication introducing a generalization of the Wolff algorithm.Jaron Kent-Dobias32 hours
wolffEfficiently simulate spin models using a generalized Wolff algorithm.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 days