professional/cvJaron's CV.Jaron Kent-Dobias2 weeks
system/linuxJaron's fork of linux.gitJaron Kent-Dobias2 months
sethna.hsSolutions to Sethna's textbook computational problems in Haskell.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
codeGradient descent and Langevin dynamics on complex p-spin models.Jaron Kent-Dobias6 months
papers/bezoutComplex landscapes for complex p-spin models.Jaron Kent-Dobias2 years
papers/stokesMore complex landscapes for complex p-spin models.Jaron Kent-Dobias17 months
codeTools for calculating the energy and simulating dipole mediated domains.Jaron Kent-Dobias5 years
papers/PRE_91_032919Publication describing accurate heuristic for dipolar fluids.Jaron Kent-Dobias
mmaMathematica files for investigating scaling functions with essential singulariti...Jaron Kent-Dobias13 months
paperPaper defining well-converging Ising scaling functions.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 months
pres/aps_mm_2017Presentation on essential singularities at the Ising transition.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
code/fuse_networksTools to simulate the breaking of random fuse networks.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
code/percolationTools to simulate percolation.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
pres/aps_mm_2019APS March Meeting presentation 2019.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
codeSimulation code for the hard matrix modelJaron Kent-Dobias3 years
dataParallel tempering data for the hard matrix modelJaron Kent-Dobias3 years
mmaMathematica files involved in HMM workJaron Kent-Dobias3 years
paperGuessing at hidden order in URu2Si2 with RUS and mean field theory.Jaron Kent-Dobias12 months
posters/aps_mm_2020Hidden order poster, APS March Meeting 2020.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
codeToy classical model of an interesting potential high T_c systemJaron Kent-Dobias4 years
codeUtility for measuring distribution of magnetizations for Ising models.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
infinite_order/grown_networks/codeCode to generate and analyze grown networks.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
infinite_order/grown_networks/dataCluster size distributions for grown networks.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
codeCode for tiling Aztec diamonds.Jaron Kent-Dobias11 months
dataAztec tiling data.Jaron Kent-Dobias9 months
papers/frsb_kac-ricePaper on Kac-Rice method with RSB.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 months
papers/when_annealedPaper on RSB among saddles.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 weeks
code/c++Efficiently simulate spin models using a generalized Wolff algorithm.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
code/haskellWork in progress implementation of Wolff in Haskell.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
code/ising_samplingRapidly sample E/M pairs for various lattice models.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
code/lattice_glassGeometric cluster algorithms for lattice glass models.Jaron Kent-Dobias2 years
code/space_wolffSimulate lattice and continuum solids, gasses, and fluids.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
code/spheresGeometric cluster algorithms for spheres.Jaron Kent-Dobias22 months
papers/PRE_98_063306Publication describing general Wolff with on-site potentials.Jaron Kent-Dobias5 years
pres/aps_mm_2018March Meeting Presentation.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
pres/aps_mm_2020March Meeting Presentation.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
pres/statphys_27StatPhys 27 presentation.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
armv6h-libsSymlinks for armv6h libraries on arm64.Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
linux-pinebookLinux kernel patched and configured for Pine64 Pinebook.gitolite user15 months
linux-pinebookproLinux kernel package for Pine64 Pinebook Pro.gitolite user3 months
linux-pinecubeLinux kernel package for Pine64 Pinecube.gitolite user8 months
linux-pinephoneLinux kernel package for Pine64 Pinephone.gitolite user13 months
uboot-pinebookU-Boot for the Pine64 Pinebook.gitolite user3 years
wolfram-engine-aarch64Wolfram engine and Mathematica for arm64.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
wolframscript-aarch64Wolframscript for arm64.Jaron Kent-Dobias3 years
authorized_keysJaron's public keys.Jaron Kent-Dobias5 years
homeJaron's home directoryJaron Kent-Dobias5 years
vimJaron's vim settingsJaron Kent-Dobias11 months
zshJaron's zsh settingsJaron Kent-Dobias11 months