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masterremoved unused range typeJaron Kent-Dobias12 days
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12 daysremoved unused range typeHEADmasterJaron Kent-Dobias
2020-02-03Ran clang formatJaron Kent-Dobias
2020-02-03Givens rotations now use single vector for storage instead of allocating one ...Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-02-03replace openmp parallelization with std::foreachJaron Kent-Dobias
2020-02-03replaced mersenne twister with pcg32Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-01-30any orthogonal size that is a multiple of four is now available instead of po...Jaron Kent-Dobias
2019-12-22fewer pt tries per sweepJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-12-21now using random choice of pairs to swap instead of sweeping left to rightJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-12-21more gentle increase of tuningJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-12-20fixed itJaron Kent-Dobias