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masterAdded aging code.Jaron Kent-Dobias20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-02-11Added aging code.HEADmasterJaron Kent-Dobias
2020-11-01Added correlation code.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-06-26Used the wrong variable for number of tuning sweeps for step.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-06-26Added ability to load temperatures from file.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-05-12New variable in tuning that sets how much of new temperatures to use.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-05-12Conditional failure.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-05-12Print more often.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-05-12Don't stop tuning if we haven't had full transits.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-05-12Testing new strategy for judging tuning convergence.Jaron Kent-Dobias
2020-05-12Added more debug printing while tuning.Jaron Kent-Dobias