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masterfinally got the right n for the output...Jaron Kent-Dobias4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-04finally got the right n for the output...HEADmasterJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-09-04added ability to change the autocorrelation function length on teh command line,Jaron Kent-Dobias
2019-09-04actually return the number of stepsJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-09-04fixed column headers in output fileJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-09-04wait longer before evaluating whether we're doneJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-09-04added option to not check convergence of magnetization at allJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-09-04added command line flag for wait timeJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-07-29implemented measurements with autocorrelation-based error trackingJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-01-29fixed recording of the spin stiffnessJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-01-29forgot to record TJaron Kent-Dobias