AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-03partial completion of more modular energy and bond probabiliesefficiency-workJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-08-14fixed bugs in Ising, p for bonds pre-computedJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-07-31now recording number of samples and the full correlation functionJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-07-31made the time multiplier a variableJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-07-31added another qualification for finishing to minimze biasJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-07-30added measurement toolsJaron Kent-Dobias
2019-07-26split into different files, added command line interface, and implemented har...Jaron Kent-Dobias
2019-07-26initial commitJaron Kent-Dobias